SGR Group has built over the time a profound bond with the world of education.

Relationship and dialogue with the new generations are essential to maintain the company policies front-runner.

Jobs initiatives with schools reflect our values and commitment towards the community in which we operate and where we develop specific educational routes that suggest to the main schools to pay attention to issues such as: energy, sustainability, resources and training.

Thinking about the young generation means to us to offer valid educational models.

Several finished projects show our regular and daily commitment for the implementation of responsible behaviours from economists and of the society in years to come.

The relationship between the school and businesses is vital to help young people to plan their future and not to leave it to the case and to stimulate them to create a strategy for their own professional life and defined their dreams.


SGR Group aims to make aware and guide the attention of  the young people on issues related to sustainability through an annual project addressed to the secondary schools.

Every year, format and stimulating events are proposed that allow students to be involved on different informative paths.

The theme developed for the academic year 2016/2017 concerns the value of the energetic resources and environmental assets and involves 11 local secondary schools, 47 classes and approximately 930 students.

The interventions in the classroom are performed in collaboration with undergraduates students enrolled in the course “Resource Economics and Sustainable Development” at the Bologna University – Rimini Campus and a contribution for the participation that can be used to buy school material, is given to institutions that adhere to the initiative.

“GAS in Security” – Secondary School (1st Grade)
“GAS in Security” – Secondary School (1st Grade)

Progetto dedicato alla sicurezza del gas domestico e rivolto ai ragazzi delle scuole medie

6 April, 2016 in  Scuola
“My Future is”
“My Future is”

“My Future is” – Primary Schools and Secondary Schools (2nd Grade)

4 April, 2016 in  Scuola
“New Energy to Vacation”
“New Energy to Vacation”

Un percorso educativo sull’impiego dell’energia in vacanza, dal momento in cui si lascia la propria abitazione alla vita sul luogo di villeggiatura.

5 April, 2016 in  Scuola