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Energy Services

Energy Management

This is a consultation created to improve the consumption and to eliminate energy waste.

It is now possible to use less energy by planning and implementing targeted measures.

Our own Energy Management activities:

  • Energy assessment
  • Intervention to increase efficiency
  • Testing and measuring the consumption
  • Checking the savings achieved

Energy Report

Energy Report is a power management suitable for each type of business (hotel, shopping centre, apartment buildings, small and medium firms) that provides a testing service of the consumption in real time and helps you to save energy. Its use is very simple! You can use from your PC, tablet or smartphone….. even from your armchair!

Our own Energy Report activities:

  • Creation of a Baseline
  • Energy saving
  • Testing and warning
  • Economic calculation


Heat Management Service is our offer for the apartment buildings with a heating central system that allows to improve the air conditioning management for the individual flats and to receive an invoice on time and based on real consumption.

Some advantages:

  • Autonomy
  • Saving
  • Comfort
  • Attention to the environment


This is an innovative activity that allows a complete monitoring of the photovoltaic system and you can always check: the efficiency and the effective performance, recognise possible faults, verify at any time the necessity of cleaning and maintenance as well as keeping track of the received payments for a punctual control of the economic return of the investment.

Other possible actions:

  • Analysis of the historical production of your installation
  • A monthly efficiency report
  • A monthly check on the regularity of rewards and payments GSE
  • Monthly analysis of the generated energy based on the weather information
  • Alert in case of deficiencies of the production and/or payments
  • A detailed check of the consumption and savings


Among the activities carried out for the upgrading of the energy efficiency, SGR Group has a particular care for the installation of accounting and distribution of the consumption system by virtue of their obligation imposed by the D. Lgs. 102/214 and subsequent updates.

The job has been settled on the installation of:

  • Ultrasonic heat meter for direct accounting for the thermal energy consumed by each apartment building;
  • Heat counter in radio reading for the indirect accounting of the thermal energy consumed by each apartment building;
  • Climate temperature control system of the thermostatic type directly expandable and/or with wi-fi transmission.

All interventions have been carried out together with maintenance and implementation of installation companies that have represented the operating arm under the technical supervision of SGR Service, department Energy Management.

The activities carried out are linked to renewable energies such as solar thermal and photovoltaic.


District heating is a form of heating (of residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools,…) that consists essentially in the distribution of hot water (said as heat transfer fluid) through a network of insulated, buried pipes coming from a single generating plant to the served buildings.

The district heating system provides all year long the heat required from each client for space and hot water for sanitary use heating. Basically it is a big heating closed-circuit system where hot water at variable temperature, depending on weather conditions, always runs and it’s composed of:

  • A cogeneration plant supplied with natural gas
  • A buried district heating network
  • A building’s substation of heat exchange
  • A distribution network inside the buildings
  • User base independent control units for adjustment and accounting

Currently SGR Group’s companies manage in Rimini area  3 district heating system (Marecchiese, Gaiofana e Viserba) serving more then 2.500 clients.

The invoice for the heat used by each client for the heating of spaces and hot water for sanitary use, is based on a real consume measured by the individual calorie-counting installed close to each house.

The adoption of this technical solution, unique in Italy, enables all of our clients the following advantages:

  1. no compulsory legal adjustment for the installation of accounting systems (rif. D. Lgs. 102/2014 e s.m.i.) therefore no need for any additional costs for the housing units owners because despite the fact that a centralised system is in every apartment buildings, SGR Services already provides to make an individual heat accounting;
  2. the heat accounting is made close to the housing  and so the heat losses of the central heating system inside each building is in charge of SGR Service and doesn’t imply any additional cost for involuntary consume  for all the clients connected to the district heating;
  3. the invoice for the heat consume is individual and therefore each district heating client has a completely independent use of its own heating system.


SGR Servizi
SGR Servizi
This company operates in the gas and electricity sector managing the selling activity to final client in addition to the heat transfer market as part of the energy and district heating service contracts.
( 70,4% partecipation)


What we are and what we want to be every day for our clients is what identifies the way we work: thinking we are much closer to the idea of assisting than providing.